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Vacation Hours June 20th - June 30th

Our hospital will be closed from

June 20th to June 30th to allow Dr. Thomas and our team to enjoy a much-deserved vacation with their families.

We will return to our regular office hours on Saturday, July 1st at 9 AM.

While we will be unable to perform hospital services during this period, select members of our medical and reception team will be available in the office from

10 AM – 2 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Fridays for prescription pick up and general assistance. If you wish to contact us during this period, please utilize Pet Desk, email (, or leave a message at #610-269-2226 and we will be happy to assist you.

Please contact us as soon as possible if you will be in need prescription refills, (don’t forget summer is upon us and July 4th is rapidly approaching for those on anxiety medications), or if you have medical issues that you would like to discuss prior to our partial closure.

We understand that there are issues that may arise while we are away and want you to know we work closely with Pinnacle Veterinary Specialists in Glen Mills, and they will be handling any emergencies for our practice.

This closure will not affect our grooming team or their appointments. Please consult with your groomer regarding arrival and departure procedures.

We understand that this closure may be inconvenient. We feel strongly that Dr. Thomas and our entire team not only deserve but require time away from our hospital and the profession they so love in order to be able to continue to thrive and provide the best care for your pets. They have a mission “to care and protect” your animals. They also need time to care for themselves to prevent crisis and burnout and we are committed to allowing them to do so.

We appreciate your understanding and compassion as we allow Dr. Thomas and our team to take this short break and thank you to those who say thank you. Whether it’s a smile, a note, or donuts, we appreciate you recognizing the work that we do, and it feeds our soul. It really makes a huge difference…as well as the kittens and puppies.



Paula Coleman, FFCP

Practice Manager

Aardvark Animal Hospital

*For more information regarding the crisis facing the veterinary profession and why promoting self-care is so important, please feel free to visit or many of the other websites supporting veterinarian, medical, and support staff health and wellbeing.

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