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Not All CBD Is Created Equal: Aardvark Animal Hospital Teams Up With Chou2 Pharma For Canine Pets

Over the past several months, Dr. Thomas has been repeatedly asked by our clients if CBD supplements are effective and safe to give their dogs. Up until now, we have not been able to recommend supplements as appropriate testing was not available, we have not been able to verify the source of the product, or if it is safe for our patients. Now we can...


Aardvark Animal Hospital is pleased to announce the debut of Chou2 (shu-tu) Pharma’s cannabinoid (CBD & CBG) based supplements within our practice. This is a natural partnership given Aardvark’s dedication to cutting-edge, whole patient care and Chou2 Pharma’s pledge to provide need-state specific, top-tier support to animals, unconditionally.

Crafted by a team of cannabinoid and veterinary experts, Chou2 Pharma’s technology is unique – offering 99.99% molecule purity with 0% THC. Their methods ensure consistency, purity, and dosing accuracy across all products. Furthermore, the soft chew formulas are designed and encapsulated for survival in the upper GI, which means the cannabinoid molecules survive the stomach acid and enter your pet’s system. This is a stark difference from the average broad-spectrum brands available – which often offer inconsistent formulations, less purity, dosing challenges, and low bioavailability (meaning, a majority of the product is destroyed in the stomach’s acid before entering your pet’s system). Organic matter is variable unless you take steps to control it, which is exactly what Chou2 Pharma has done with their products. They believe good enough is not good enough for our pets’ health – it must be the best.

While the science behind these products is complex (we have only scratched the surface in this summary), the goal is simple: provide a natural product that improves the lives of pets, without any unnecessary ingredients or side effects. Chou2 Pharma is engaged in clinical trials with PennVet to further the science and data behind their products and develop a drug line to provide additional natural options for veterinarians to serve their patients. Keep reading to learn more about which Chou2 Pharma product might be a good fit for your pet – our team is standing by to help!

Chill Oral Solution is a relaxing and calming formula designed to enter your pet’s system quickly. If your dog is afraid of car rides, unsettled by grooming, veterinary visits, or terrified by thunderstorms and fireworks – Chill is an excellent option to try. We are also seeing a reduction of pet’s general anxiety behavior when given consistently 1 –2 times daily. The supplement can be given in addition to your pets’ current anti-anxiety therapy, but as always, Dr. Thomas will advise on a case-by-case basis.

Digest Soft Chews are designed for daily gut health support. Best given on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes before a meal, your dog is a great candidate for Digest if they take a probiotic, have trouble keeping food solid, or any other general GI concerns. Pet parents rave about the results, claiming “best poops EVER!” They said it, not us 😉

Comfort Soft Chews are designed for daily hip and joint support. Best given on an empty stomach, about 30 minutes before a meal, this is a great option for aging dogs or any dog who may have hip and joint concerns. We see dogs jump into the car more easily, have more pep in their step-on walks, and sport a renewed sense of energy.

Chill, Digest, and Comfort are available at Aardvark. We purchase these supplements directly from Chou2 Pharma to ensure so we can be sure that you are receiving the safest product directly from the manufacturer.

We do not recommend products unless they are safe and we use them on our own pets. We have seen improvements firsthand in our own dogs using these supplements and we have had positive feedback from clients who have tried the line on Dr. Thomas' recommendation.

Please contact our office if you are interested in discussing whether the Chou2 Pharma products are appropriate for your canine family member. As always, Dr. Thomas will evaluate your pet's needs and will prepare a customized treatment plan for your dog.

*Please note, these are specific formulations for canine patients and are not appropriate for our feline patients. Chou2 Pharma plans to add feline specific formulations for our feline patients in the future. We will advise our clients when they become available.

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